Europe’s Most Exclusive Holiday Resorts

If the thought of sleeping in a castle surrounded by the lavish decor and gourmet meals sounds like something you would enjoy, then Europe’s most exclusive holiday resorts might be the perfect destination for you. The country is full of beautiful resort towns to explore, many with five-star resorts that are truly impressive. If you … Read moreEurope’s Most Exclusive Holiday Resorts

The Sites of the World’s Most Famous Volcanoes

A volcano is an opening or rupture in the Earth’s crust. It is through this opening that lava, volcanic ash, and gases will escape. A volcanic eruption is a splendid sight when viewed from a distance. Many volcanoes have been declared inactive but there are ones that will still erupt from time to time. That’s … Read moreThe Sites of the World’s Most Famous Volcanoes

How To Travel Safely as A Woman

Having traveled over the last ten years, you may well have noticed a rise in the number of sexual assaults and other acts of violence against women around the globe. Several factors contribute to this alarming trend, including the growth of international travel and rising acceptance of female independence and freedom, but it isn’t easy … Read moreHow To Travel Safely as A Woman